Love Stories - Get To Know

Get To Know
(G. Chambers, B. Eastmond)

The first time I saw you baby, you took my breath away
Had this thing about you that you just don’t see everyday
Your conversation, your intelligence and mystery
I know that I needed you much closer to me

Right now, right now
I’m ready to share my life, I’ve been around
Looking for the one who could maybe be my wife
Could it be you
I can’t tell by your smile but I’m moved by grace and your style and

I want to get to know much more than just your name
Everything about you, your joy even your pain
I want to get inside your soul, heart your mind
No rush I’ll take I’ll take it slow
I just really want to get to know you
I want to get to know

You hardly even know me but I’m willing to do the work
I bet you’ve got your guard up because even pretty girls get hurt
But one thing in life I’ve learned is good things come to those who wait
I’ll wine and dine you, take care of you, if it takes 1000 dates

Pre- Chorus

I’ve been wishing upon a star and finally here you are
I want you girl, can’t even lie when I look at you I say my, my, my
More than physical attraction, intellectual satisfaction
I want you bad, my search is done, I think I’ve found the one