Love Stories - I Wish I Was In Love

I Wish I Was In Love
(G. Chambers, T. Taylor)

Summertime is almost here
Getting the pool clean, we’ve been waiting all year
For some backyard fun, to light the grill
To pour the chardonnay that’s already chilled
When you’re singing and laughing you’re never alone
But the truth is that I wish this house were a home ‘cause

I got the right stereo
And the places to go
I got the getaway car
And the champagne in the bar
I’ve got the girl by my side
Always ready to ride
All a man could dream of
But I wish, wish I was in love

Party’s over, we had big fun
Barbecue chicken wings and Jamaican rum
We played bidwiss and talked all night long
And they said, Gordon, would you give us a song and you that I did
See I get stressed but I’m too blessed to ever complain
But I’m human, need a good woman, through the joy and the pain


With somebody who truly cares
Who I know will always be there
The good wife, the partner
Who can I handle the drama
And when the party’s over
The one I take home to mama, yeah, yeah