Introducing - I’ll Miss You Most

I’ll Miss You Most
(Gordon Chambers)


It’s almost time for me to do my show
You were always there, there in the very first row
But things have changed and so the story goes
And I don’t know where you are
And my spirits are so low

But I’m a pro, I know that I must perform
So I’ll do my best to make sure the show goes on

I’ll get by, so pass the microphone
But deep inside Iíll know
That they’ll be no applause at home

I’ll miss you most
When I’m singing
Wh’íll be calling out your name
And I’ll miss most

When I’m singing
And on the final curtain call
I’ll feel the pain

Here I am alone in my dressing room
Now I’m wondering how I’ll get the strength to croon
See, everywhere are pictures of me and you
But these melodies of our sweet love

Have turned into songs of gloom


Every night I’ll think of you
Imagining is all I’ll do
And when Iím traveling from coast
I will really miss you most