Introducing - Slippin’ Away

Slippin’ Away
(G. Chambers/R. Anderson/Spandau Ballet)


Hey girl, tell me why you’re never around
When I call I don’t hear a sound
And when we talk all you do is frown
Your smile is gone, I feel alone
And I don’t know what to say and just what to do
I feel shut out ’cause I cannot get through

Whatever it is, hope itís not too late
Can we communicate

I can feel you slipping away
You don’t have much to say
Used to be the best of friends
Is love coming an end
We used to talk everyday

Now all I do is pray
Can’t believe it’s over now
I gotta get you back somehow

Hey girl, I know that I haven’t always been there
But the way youíre acting is making me scared
To walk away would be so unfair
What a price to pay


It’s true that I can be demanding
Of you but love takes understanding
I’ll start anew if you would be forgiving
Without you my life wonít be worth living