Love Stories - Still Blessing Me

Still Blessing Me
(G. Chambers, J. Mobley, D. Jones)

Been moving too fast and not stopping
Forgetting to ask where I’m going
Been crying at night in the darkness
Suffering alone in the silence
Been hiding alone in the confusion
Forgetting who holds all solutions
Trying to rule the world my own way
Now I’m humble enough to say that

Even when I can’t see who’s ahead of me
He is still blessing me
Even when I’m too proud to get on my knees
He is still blessing me
Even when the tears fall that nobody else can see
He is still blessing me
Even when I know what I want he knows what I need
So glad He’s still blessing me

Been looking for love in the wrong places
Been trusting the unfamiliar faces
Been chasing my dream of fame and fortune
But sometimes you move and you get lost ya’ll
Been driving my car with no direction
On a dangerous road with no protection
Still a child of God I’m not the King of Kings
I’ve been humbled and that’s why I sing that . . .


He’s guiding me through the storm
And I trust that it won’t be long
Mama never said there would be days like this
One day I’ll look back and probably reminisce that . .