Introducing - Still In Love

Still In Love
(G. Chambers/K. Fambro)

I have tried and tried a 1000 times
But I still can’t get you off my mind
I know we said that we would stay apart
But the truth is you stay in my heart

Do I baby?
The way you smile gives me that energy
Nobody ever makes me feel as free

Your grace, your style, your personality
Make you the only for me

Should we go our separate ways
Take a break from the mess we made
But the memories still linger on
Could it be that weíre still in love


I can’t believe you want me back
When you know my passion had me off the track
Good to know that what we had ain’t gone
Your sweet love just keeps growing strong

Thought I wouldn’t miss you at all
But I had to break right down and call
We got something that the world can see
We got the right chemistry


I can’t hide the way I feel inside
The true emotions never lie
So good to know that somebody loves me
Takes care of me when I’m in need
Don’t ever go