Introducing - Touch You There

Touch You There
(G. Chambers/T. Taylor)

So hard to say exactly what I feel
So much fear these days
So many broken hearts and silent tears we cry
Clinging on to pride but why
When all we need is love
Baby you, yeah you
You’re dressed up in red but all I see I are the blues
The pain has made you strong
But you’re all alone
So let me sing this song to you
Cause here’s where you belong so

Can I touch you there
Open up your heart can I
Show you that I care
Light a little spark
Can I make my move
Put a spell you baby
Can I touch you there

If I could I’d buy a thousand rings
But all I am is a man and all I have to bring to you
Is love and time and heart thatís kind
And I’m willing to wait baby even if it takes a while
To resurrect the joy that’s somewhere in your smile
Just to follow you I’d walk a million miles
Even down the aisle so donít go
Girl I need you so


You are the one
My search is finally done
You’ve got me in a trance
So give me a chance
And I will not rush to fast