Introducing - My Imagination

My Imagination
(G. Chambers/E. Lewis/T. Taylor)

It was an ordinary morning
I should have seen the warnings
The air was clear the sky was not as a blue
There was a coldness to your kisses
And your touch was somehow distant
It was then and there that I realized
I love you’d can turn into goodbyes

When the memories like autumn leaves blow my way
The tears in my heart just seem to fall
So many questions left, so many words we did not say
Did you love me at all or was just

My imagination

Whether fact or fiction you were my strongest addiction

But your love led me to a dead-end
But I’m picking up the pieces
Though I’ll never know the reasons
Why a perfect dream had to end
Sometimes love don’t make no sense


An impossible dream, the saddest of scenes

Not at all what it seemed
The biggest mistake, how much more can one man take
I’ll try my best not to break