Love Stories - Stay Together

Stay Together

Can’t believe we’re having problems
Can’t believe we cannot solve ’em, can’t believe
Since I saw you, you’ve been talking to a lawyer
Can’t believe I cannot reach you,
Can’t believe how bad I need you, can’t believe
I’m up at 3 on the phone with the preacher
Can’t believe we’re going through, we’re really gonna do it, can’t believe
Put everything on the line to just to lost you
Can’t believe how bad it hurts, for better now’s for worse
Before I let it go, then baby let’s say this first

Baby let’s stay, STAY TOGETHER
Stay and see it through, the only way to STAY TOGETHER
Is to let love be the glue
Stay and see through
Baby, stay, STAY TOGETHER, ooh stay

Can’t believe that something’s missing, ain’t no feeling when we’re kissing, can’t believe
It ain’t just you and it just me, no
Can’t believe I’m reminiscing, when we did we get oh so distant, can’t believe
That we’re both talking and ain’t nobody listening, no
Got our families all involved like our problems can’t be solved, we need
To work it out or we’re gonna lose it all
Every stories got two sides, you’ve got yours and I’ve got mine
But we need to work it while there’s still some time