Introducing - Never Fall In Love

Never Fall In Love
(G. Lewis/T. Taylor)

I remember on the day that I was going through
Missing those rendezvous, all the things that lovers do
Now I find myself daydreaming ’bout you wondering
Could this be happening so soon after we’d been

Asked myself if this was love on the rebound
What had been going down so soon between us now
Cause I’d been here before and wanted time to be
Free to wait and see what was right for me
And I thought I’d

Never fall in love again
How can I describe what I feel inside
Tried and tried could it be a lie that I’d
Ever fall in love again
Now to my surprise I see that in that in your eyes
Something that I wanted all my life

Could it be all in my head
Or real love instead
Cause I said that Iíd never

Holding you, gazing in your eyes
Sharing, laughing with you fills my senses
Things I so suddenly miss
When I can’t have you it feels just like it’s hard to live
You’ve got me wondering
Should I take a chance and give in ’cause I thought I’d


You’ve got me open to possibilities of love
You’ve got me feeling the things I’m dreaming of
Can I trust myself to be sincerely ready to see
Myself fall in love with you
It’s getting hard not wanting to