Introducing - The Only One

The Only One
(G. Chambers/E. Rose)

Some say that it’s all a silly game
And some think, they think that love only ends in vain
But I’m not afraid to fly or fall
What matters most is that to you I give my all
You are in my eyes the brightest star
And I know that united we’ll go far
So let’s not pretend, let’s not delay

Let’s make a wish and plan a picture perfect day

So call all your friends, design notes to send
And search for something borrowed, something blue
The only one I’ll ever need is you

I thought that it would take more of my life
To find that one but here we are and it’s so right

I know in heart that I am alive
When you’re in my arms
I know that our love will survive


Through the bitter and the sweet
You’ve been the strength when I was weak
Finally a love song complete